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Aligning the teeth

Correcting the shape and size of the teeth or aligning the teeth is a cost-effective approach to correcting the design of the smile and having a smile. Beautification and scaling of teeth is one of the cosmetic dental treatments that causes subtle and minor changes in the teeth. But these small changes make a big […]

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Foods to Improve Your Teeth

One of the first things that determine the health of your teeth is your diet. You can use the foods listed below to improve your teeth. Cheese A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of General Dentistry shows that eating cheese raises the pH of a person’s mouth, reduces the risk of […]

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Facial Swelling

In fact, facial swelling due to tooth infection and facial abscesses with a dental background is caused by infection or inflammation of the teeth.Swelling and inflammation that occurs after a tooth extraction is a natural reaction of the body. Inflammation and swelling are good signs that the natural progression of root canal healing is progressing. […]

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Smile Correction

One of the things that makes a smile less beautiful is the wear and tear on the edges of the teeth. Whether the edges of your teeth are worn or your smile line is down, in any case, you can correct your smile design by visiting a dentist and receiving the services of composite, veneer […]

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How to Fix Large Teeth

To have a beautiful smile, it is necessary to have smooth and even teeth. Therefore, having large teeth, especially in the front part, will affect your beauty, and if you have large teeth, you may be dissatisfied with their appearance. This sometimes causes us so much discomfort that we even feel dissatisfied with seeing our […]

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Golden Ratio of the Teeth

The most effective factor in proportionate and coordinated anterior teeth is the size, shape, and position of the maxillary central. Proper proportion is the key to achieving the desired dental set and should be matched to the patient’s facial features, whether weak or strong. The maxillary centers, in order to be as beautiful as possible, […]

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If the wisdom tooth does not have enough space to grow (impacted wisdom tooth), it can cause pain, infection, or other problems in the mouth. In this case, it is necessary to pull it. Some dentists recommend the extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth as a precaution against potential future problems, even if the tooth […]

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Proper Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is very important. Unfortunately, this is still not important to many people. The source of many problems for the mouth and teeth is poor oral hygiene. Every human being should brush his teeth three times a day. That is, brush after every meal. In addition to toothbrushes, flossing and mouth washing are also […]

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Oral Complications

Oral disease is painful for everyone, and it is important to take timely action to prevent further problems. Reading this guide, which categorizes various problems in simple language, will give you more insight to get to work on time. ToothacheIf your mouth or jaw hurts, it may be because of a toothache. Toothache is usually […]

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All About Toothbrushes

Decades ago, when the nylon hair toothbrush was first invented, consumers did not have many options for choosing a toothbrush, but now the story is completely different. Most stores that sell oral hygiene products have a wide range of different types of toothbrushes, including manual and electric, on their shelves. A good toothbrush can change […]