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What to do if You’ve Forgotten Your Toothpaste

You’ve learned about what you can do when you forget your toothbrush, but what about if you forget your toothpaste? Of course, you can always buy a new tube, but what about if you’re camping or the stores have all closed for the day? Here are some creative and helpful tips to help you out […]

What to do When You Forget Your Toothbrush

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your vacation destination, only to realize that you’ve forgotten an essential travel item–your toothbrush. Not to worry though, there are a few ways that you can remedy this without having to go out and buy a brand new toothbrush. 1. Ask The Front Desk: If you’re staying at a […]

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Effects of Sugar on Teeth

Sugar is a very hard ingredient to avoid as it’s found in nearly everything from chocolate to cereal. Een naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and vegetables can cause harm to your teeth, but what kind of effects does sugar exactly have on them? Loss of Enamel First off is enamel. Enamel can be shaved […]

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COVID-19 and Dental Offices

COVID-19 has altered the way that we approach activities and go about our day to day lives, including what services we can and cannot access. One of these services is seeing a dental professional. While most dental offices are continuing to offer care to those who need it most in emergencies, routine examinations such as […]

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What is a Dental Emergency?

While regular dental cleanings have been postponed until further notice, Newbury Smiles remains open for those who are experiencing dental emergencies. However, what you think may be an emergency many not be an emergency at all, so to help you determine whether or not you need to come in for an emergency dental appointment, here […]

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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention

Children’s teeth are as important as adult teeth and therefore should be taken care of accordingly. In fact, children’s teeth are more prone to decay, particularly infants and toddlers because of what is known as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay primarily affects the two front teeth, but can occur on any visible […]


DIY Home Remedies for Toothaches

With the rise of COVID-19 and the closing of businesses across the globe, getting to the dentist isn’t always an option. So, until you can visit your dentist, what can you do when an unexpected toothache hits? Turns out, you can help ease your pain with items you can find in your house already. Here […]

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What Causes Gum Recession?

Have you ever noticed that you’re seeing more of your teeth than usual, or that your gums appear higher than they normally are? If you said yes to either of those two questions, you may have gum disease and what you’re experiencing is gum recession as a result. Before gum disease happens, there needs to […]

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How Does Coffee Affect My Teeth?

Coffee should really be a food group of its own with how prevalent it is in our daily life. While the delicious drink might give you a kick start to your day and positively affect your daily function, it also affects your teeth in the following ways. STAINING: If you’re wondering why you have yellow […]