Root Canal

If “do I need a Root Canal?” is a question you have been asking yourself these days, you should know a little bit more about what exactly Root Canal Therapy is, what are the causes, what are the symptoms, and how can you be sure if you need it. For the majority of tooth issues, you may guess you need a filing, which can be true. However, when the cavity reaches your nerve and your tooth becomes inflamed and/or infected, that’s when you need Root Canal Therapy. Root Canal Therapy is also called endodontic therapy in which your dentist uses a drill to remove the cavity and empty the root.

Let’s talk about a few of the symptoms. The primary symptom is the tooth pain which will have a different nature than the tooth pain you may have for a normal cavity. It usually feels intense and more painful when you bite something. You may also feel a very intense pain when your tooth touches something hot like your morning coffee, or something cold like an afternoon ice cream treat. If there is infection involved with it, you gums also may feel painful and appear red and swollen. Seeing these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you need root canal therapy, and the absence of any of these does not guarantee that you don’t need it.  The final diagnosis and decision will always be up to your dental professional.

There is no benefit of doing Root Canal Therapy for a cavity which can be treated and cured with a simple filling.

Contact your dentist sooner rather than later!

If your cavity is not severe enough to reach the nerve and need Root Canal Therapy, you will be able to have it fixed without the expensive procedure and save yourself hundred of dollars. However, if you wait too long, your condition will worsen and a simple filling will no longer be an option.

Even if you are sure that you need Root Canal Therapy, doing it as soon as possible will help prevent infection. Infections can cause complications and require some additional steps in the treatment including follow-ups and possibly medication depending the severity.

At Newbury Smiles, we do a detailed diagnosis, take X-Rays, and make you sure if you need Root Canal Therapy. Since root canals are a difficult process and require your dentist to drill the tooth all the way to the bone, it is always recommended to have this treatment done by an experienced dentist who knows all the ins and outs of Root Canal Therapy. Dr. Sam Saadat at Newbury Smiles is experienced in Root Canal Therapy, and if you have a feeling that you may need this treatment, a consultation is strongly recommended.