Which one is removable? Invisalign or Braces?

You may have seen people who have used braces for a period of time and after removing them, they still have some marks left from braces on each tooth. In many cases these marks can be removed, but it definitely costs and may have some other effects on that particular tooth.

Does Invisalign have a better appearance than braces?

Some people call Invisalign invisible braces. Cause they function as how brace does but you don’t see them. Braces are typically large, metal and shines like silver. It’s definitely something too far from your actual tooth appearance. If you want your braces have a specific color, it will be more expensive. Invisalign is invisible, clear and has no color, which is not noticable most of the times you see an Invisalign user speaking.

Do braces cost less than Invisalign?

Yes! The cost of braces starts from almost $2,000, while Invisalign has an average of $4,000 cost. Saying that, Newbury Smiles has $1,000 OFF which makes invisalign a good choice to invest on.

Does Invisalign also need a frequent follow up during treatment?

Invisalign also needs you meet your dentist to change the aligner trays and check the process. Every few weeks, your dentist will follow up and provide you updated info about current condition and gives you your new trays. Considering the treatment time, the number of visits in comparison to braces treatment is smaller and less frequent.

How long do I have to have Invisalign?

Usually the average time is 6 months to 1 year and half. It may vary based on the patient’s teeth aligning conditions and needs. The good thing about invisaligns, comparing to braces is you don’t need to have then 24 hours a day. Consulting your dentist you may be possible to remove that for a period of time during the day, if you need them removed.

How should I maintain my invisalign?

It’s definitely easier to brush your teeth when you have invisalign than when you have braces. You won’t need special types of brushe for your teeth. You only need to go through Invisalign cleaning system or just wash your trays.

Comparison of Invisalign and Braces