Canker sores, otherwise known as mouth ulcers, are painful pits that can be located on the gum or tongue. Ulcers are caused by a number of things including stress, improper brushing, and eating an unbalanced diet that results in a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Diagnosing a mouth ulcer is fairly easy as they are usually either white or yellow in color and painful to the touch. It’s very common to get repeat ulcers throughout your life and affect nearly 20% of the general population.

Although ulcers generally heal by themselves over the course of a few days, some require medical intervention such as soft laser therapy treatment which can only be provided through your dentist. Soft laser therapy is completely painless and high effective and the quickest fix for those who have either multiple or extremely painful mouth ulcers.

Soft laser therapy works by promoting tissue healing as well as reducing inflammation and pain in the area where it is applied. The lasers make the procedure completely non-surgical, therefore not requiring the patient to be under any form of anesthesia. Biostimulation, promoting blood circulation to the area, and vasodilation are all mechanisms used in order to treat the mouth ulcers.

Biostimulation is a process where lasers are used using photon energy to stimulate the tissue. The lasers are set to a specific wavelength to promote rapid wound healing and instant pain relief to the area. Biostimulation also promotes collagen growth to speed up the healing process. With the pain gone, the patient will not even know that the ulcer exists in their mouth anymore and it will be completely gone within 4 days, if not sooner.

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