Amongst teens and younger adults, about 35% of injuries made to the tooth or jaw area are the result of a sports related injury with 80% of those injuries being inflicted upon the two most frontal teeth. The good news is that if one of the teeth has been knocked out by a sports injury, if you get to a dentist fast enough, it can be saved, but the procedure to do so is quite lengthy and expensive. Even minor chips and loose teeth can cost you a pretty penny, so dental experts recommend doing preventive practices so these injuries either never occur or are kept to the bare minimum.

There are a few options out there for children, teens, and adults who enjoy sports and want to minimize their risk of dental-related injuries. These options include:

Mouth Guards: Also used for preventing the user from grinding their teeth in the middle of the night, mouth guards are just as helpful in the world of sports. Forming a thick, protective layer over the teeth, mouth guards can help to prevent even the strongest of impacts, making them great for high contact sports such as football and hockey.

Helmets: Although not directly covering the mouth as a mouth guard does, helmets prevent the face from smashing into the ground, should a person fall down during a sporting match.

Custom fit mouth guards provide the best protection for anyone involved in sports, but if that is unaffordable, then the regular ones can get the job done. Be safe when playing sports and follow all safety instructions to prevent injuries.

If your tooth has become damaged due to a sporting related injury, come in for a consultation.