When people talk about wanting straight teeth, they often only think of the cosmetic side of things and that it will make their smile more attractive. While this is true, there are actually other reasons why straight teeth are better for your health overall. Below are 6 reasons why straight teeth are healthier teeth.

  1. Easier to Clean

When the teeth are crowded and overlapping, it can be hard to get into the crevices to clean them properly. Improper cleaning can lead to dental disease and tooth decay as the bacteria that develops in these crevices is left untreated. Straight teeth give you a smooth and even surface to clean to make sure that nothing is missed.

  1. Speech Problems Resolved

You may not be thinking about it when you speak on a regular basis, but your teeth play a vital role in how you pronounce words. If there are large gaps or the teeth are very crooked, your pronunciation of words and your overall speech will be affected. By having straight teeth, your speech will become much more fluid.

  1. Increased Confidence

A mouth full of crooked teeth is not what most people would consider to be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, people in these situations tend to avoid smiling because it makes them feel self-conscious or that they’ll be judged for the appearance of their teeth. With a mouth full of straight teeth, these individuals will see an increase in their confidence as they’ll be able to express themselves more freely. 

  1. Less Chance of Injury

With crooked teeth, there’s an increased chance that they will become damaged due to any external factor. There’s also the risk of biting your lip or cheek.

  1. Improved Digestion

Your teeth are responsible for breaking down your food so that it’s easier to digest in your stomach, but that can be challenging when your teeth are misaligned and/or have large gaps between them. As a result, the food is not broken down enough and your stomach has more work to do which in turn can cause indigestion or stomach upsets.

  1. No More Headaches and Neck Pain

Using your misaligned teeth for things like chewing can cause headaches and neck pain as there is added pressure to these areas. With straight teeth, this pressure is eliminated and individuals are able to live a pain-free life.


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