More and more people are making the switch over to organic, natural products after numerous studies have come out advocating for a more natural approach. The days of chemically processed products are coming to an end, but just because something says “natural” on it, doesn’t mean that it’s free from ingredients that seek to do your body harm. These ingredients include: carcinogens, inflammatory agents, and even endocrine disruptors that can throw your body out of rhythm and cause some real damage. Some would argue that since we don’t swallow or ingest toothpaste that we are not at risk from these toxins, but the soft tissues in your mouth are able to absorb these harmful ingredients which can then enter your bloodstream.


So, without further ado, here are 4 toxic toothpaste ingredients that you should look out for when choosing your next tube.



Once popularly regarded as a must-have in toothpaste, this mineral which is naturally found in water sources, is now frowned upon. While it may help prevent cavities and tooth decay, the use of fluoride over time can lead to fluoride toxicity. Fluoride toxicity shows itself in the following ways: headaches, vomiting, rashes, and headaches.


Titanium Dioxide

This one is a big one to watch out for. It has no benefit to your teeth and simply gives toothpaste it’s bright white color. Tested in a lab, this inorganic compound has been known to cause cancer in rats, and therefore may even be carcinogenic to humans. It also attacks your brain which may cause nerve damage. Skip the aesthetically pleasing toothpaste and go for something that won’t harm your body.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This ingredient, just like titanium dioxide, does not have any cleaning agents or health benefits for your teeth. It simply makes the toothpaste foam in your mouth. While it is derived from either palm or coconut oil, it’s the manufacturing process that contaminates it with harmful byproducts that can cause mouth sores.



This ingredient has been under fire and in the spotlight for a while. Like the others before it, it’s simply another aesthetic ingredient, used to thicken the toothpaste. It is, however, the least harmful ingredient on the list as it is derived from red seaweed. However, once ingested, it can cause skin rashes and disrupt your digestive system so it’s better to avoid it altogether.


So, before you pick up your next tube of toothpaste, be sure to look at the ingredients and watch for these four big ones.