It’s easy to put things off like grabbing a cup of coffee with that friend that you haven’t seen since high school, or running that errand that you said that you were going to do last week, but the one thing you should never put off though are your health checkups, and dental cleanings are no exception to the rule.


There are many reasons to stay on top of your bi-annual dental cleanings, but some of the most important



Early Diagnosis of Tooth Decay


The first thing that your dentist will due to scan your teeth for any problems that may be happening or may happen soon in the future, including cavities. When updating your x-rays, your dentist may find signs of a tooth that is on its way to becoming a problem and do preventive measures to stop it from happening. Early detection of tooth issues is important so that later on you’re not stuck with a major price tag on a surgery such as a root canal.


Diagnosis of Dental Disease


Your dentist has the skills and knowledge to detect signs of oral cancer and can quickly refer you to a specialist to see that it doesn’t progress further. If caught quickly, treatment and recovery are in very favorable odds, but skipping dental visits means that you’re also missing out on these screenings, and by the time you finally get them, the cancer, unfortunately, may be too far along to do anything about, or it may require extensive surgery and treatment methods.


Gum Disease


One of the most common ailments to be diagnosed inside a dental office is gum disease, and early detection can help prevent tooth loss. During the exam, your dentist may point out that some teeth are more at risk than others because of brushing habits and direct you to change up your oral cleaning habits at home to get your gums and teeth back on track to a healthy life.


Cleaning Your Teeth


Lastly, it’s important to go to the dentist because you get your teeth cleaned. Brushing and flossing at home is great, but relying on your skills alone isn’t going to maintain a healthy mouth. Hardened plaque and tartar can only be removed by tools that you cannot pick up in the toothpaste aisle and must be handled by a dental hygienist.


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