They may not be that common, both to find and in their use, but silicone toothbrushes are quickly becoming the preferred tool for oral hygiene. Silicone toothbrushes replace the traditional nylon bristles with silicone which is softer and gentler on both the gums and teeth, but are still expected to perform the same as any traditional toothbrush. They also come in an electric form for those that prefer it.

Because of their recent emergence on the market, it’s difficult to truly say whether these silicone toothbrushes outperform their traditional counterparts, but preliminary testing shows that they do provide benefits that traditional toothbrushes do not, such as being softer on the gums.

In fact, silicone toothbrushes started out by being used by new parents for their infants and children as their gums are more sensitive compared to adults, and the soft massaging of the silicone also helps to lessen the discomfort of teething.

No matter what toothbrush you use, though, always follow the recommended guideline of brushing your teeth twice a day. For more information on what toothbrush best suits your oral hygiene needs, schedule a consultation with us.