It is very important to clean the interdental space and finish the unfinished work of the toothbrush. Toothbrushes, both regular and electric, have access to only three of the five tooth surfaces. Therefore, if you do not clean the space between the teeth, 35% of the tooth surface remains uncleaned every day. As a result, plaque and food particles get stuck between the teeth, and if they are not removed in time, you will face tooth decay or gum disease. Depending on the distance between your teeth, flossing or brushing your teeth every day will help prevent these problems. If the interdental spaces are large enough, it is best to use an interdental toothbrush. But if your teeth are clenched, flossing is a better option. Of course, there are different floss and toothbrush sizes that you can choose the right type according to the size of your mouth.

Other care to maintain oral health:

The best way to keep your teeth clean and healthy is to have healthy, pink, and fragrant gums. Take your daily oral hygiene routine seriously.

Reduce snack consumption: Sweet and sugary snacks are ideal food for bacteria that cause tooth decay. If you eat these snacks during the day, the acid produced by the bacteria will always be present in the oral environment and the teeth will be exposed to constant acid attack. So if you insist on eating sweet snacks, try to eat them with the main meal. We recommend substituting healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and yogurt for these harmful snacks.

Quit smoking: Continued smoking, whether smoking or not, increases the risk of oral cancer, gum disease and tooth decay; The harms of smoking and its role in lung cancer and heart disease are also familiar to everyone. So if you smoke, ask your dentist or doctor about how to quit.

Regular examination of the mouth and periodic visits to the dentist: If you maintain good oral hygiene, you will quickly notice changes in your oral environment, such as clenched and broken teeth, red or swollen gums, or unusual sores. If you notice a problem, be sure to see a dentist. Early treatment is the best way to solve many problems.

Use a mouth guard / night guard: If you or your child is an athlete, be sure to use a mouth guard when exercising. Using a guard is especially important during orthodontics or when restoring teeth. Also, if you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth, ask your dentist if you need to use a night guard.