Whether or not you believe in making new year’s resolutions, there’s never a better time to start establishing healthy habits than at the beginning of the new year. So get out there, buy some floss, replace your toothbrush, and think about making these changes for better oral health.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking may be the most challenging on the list as there are things like nicotine addiction to consider, but doing so will impact your entire body for good in the long run. Besides the fact that it will improve your mood, stamina, and reduce your risk of lung cancer, it will also decrease your chances of mouth cancers as well and prevent your teeth from becoming discoloured.

Bi-Yearly Dental Visits

You would be surprised at how many people avoid going to the dentist and miss their twice yearly appointments. If it makes it easier, schedule them in advance and mark them on your calendar so you don’t forget. Stick to the appointment and make it a priority. If you have to reschedule, make sure you do it on the day that you cancel as you may forget to phone back.

Brush and Floss

Dentists recommend brushing three times a day, after each meal preferably, and yet most people only brush their teeth once a day, if at all. Brushing your teeth takes no more than five minutes, so plan out your morning before work to incorporate it in your routine. Buy a travel toothbrush and travel size toothpaste as well to freshen up at work before you come back from your lunch break. The last one of the day is the easiest as you can do it before going to bed. If you’re the type of person to watch TV until you fall asleep, rush your teeth beforehand so you can just fall back into the pillows for a long, relaxing slumber.

Dental Procedures

If there is something that your dentist has been recommending for awhile, the new year may just be the time to do it. Whether it’s a crown, an implant, or maybe even something cosmetic like a veneer or two, save up or finance the procedure, and stop putting it off.