Most of the time, a decayed tooth does not show any symptoms unless this decay has involved the root of the tooth. In other words, it has reached the nerve and needs tooth extraction. With the increase in the amount of root decay, the tooth pain increased until the pain became permanent and the pain is not reduced by using painkillers. But it is better to start root canal treatment before reaching this stage, which is associated with consequences such as gum infection. Root canal treatment, or in other words, nerve extraction, is effective when the tooth and gums are not infected. Therefore, if your tooth needs nerve extraction, it is better not to delay and immediately consult an expert in this field. In fact, the best debridement is the most timely debridement performed under the supervision of a qualified doctor. But it is better to know that even in the best conditions for root canal treatment, nerve extraction may not work and you will have to extract the tooth, so it is better to check the teeth regularly and go to the dentist, and do not let the problem reach the nerve.

Symptoms of a tooth that has reached the nerve:

As we said, pain is the first symptom of tooth nerve decay, but tooth pain is not always a sign that your tooth needs a nerve extraction. Sometimes toothache is caused by chewing, impact, sensitivity to heat or cold. So don’t be sensitive to even the slightest pain and don’t be afraid, maybe your tooth is still healthy.

But if you encounter the following problems, you probably need nerve extraction.

Because your teeth have been sensitive to heat and cold for more than two weeks

If the severity of your tooth decay is so bad that the teeth are discolored (dark colors)

If the tooth is swollen or abscessed

If your tooth is loose

Root canal treatment can be considered as the last way to save your tooth, and by using root canal treatment, you can preserve your natural tooth. For a dentist, preserving natural teeth is always a priority, and in case of failure, he should go for tooth extraction. You should know that if you need to pull your teeth, do it before the tooth infection causes your gums to decay or cause other diseases.

If you have to pull your tooth, don’t worry, the implant will save you.