Cavities of the front tooth, in addition to being painful and annoying to the affected person, endangering the health and impairing the appearance and beauty of the person, may also have significant effects. The incisors, which are eight teeth and consist of four upper teeth and four lower teeth, appear at 6-8 months and in addition to their important role in eating, are an important and significant part of the smile design. The correction process performed in this area of ​​the mouth is very important.

Dental fillings are the most commonly used method by dentists to remove cavities, even for front teeth. When many people think of filling their teeth, they think of filling silver that is easily seen. However, dentists often use fillings that are the same color as the tooth to fill and remove front tooth decay. These fillers allow you to have a beautiful smile even after treatment.

In cases where the front tooth is severely decayed and it is not possible to fill the tooth with tooth-colored restorative materials, two treatment methods can be used. In the first method, root canal treatment is performed and then the appearance of the tooth is restored with a dental veneer. I recommend choosing a veneer for the front teeth that is exactly the same color as the other teeth and is not whiter and shinier than your natural teeth. One wrong choice can lead to incomplete teeth.

The second method is the use of dental implants or dental implants. This method is recommended if the gum tissue is healthy and the cavities of the front tooth is so large that it requires tooth extraction. After extraction, a completely natural implant that is the same color as your natural teeth will replace the lost tooth.

Of course, it is better to think about preventing this problem before eliminating the cavities. Regular visits to the dentist will provide your children with a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Prevention begins at home. As soon as the first teeth start to grow, you can clean your child’s teeth with a finger toothbrush. When your children are old enough, give them the training they need to brush their teeth twice a day to keep their teeth healthy. Flossing to remove food that is stuck between the teeth, as well as using mouthwash, play an important role in preventing plaque and tooth decay, especially on the front teeth. Apart from this, it is a good idea to keep your front teeth healthy. Limit sweets and sugary drinks. Excessive consumption of these sweeteners can cause tooth decay, which is the first step towards cavities and subsequent problems for a person’s teeth (whether child or adult). Every person (even if they were only one year old) should be examined by a dentist for periodic examinations at least once (for example, once every six months) to check the health of their teeth.

Also, prevention methods such as fluoride therapy can prevent tooth decay. Fluoride therapy can be done in schools by health professionals and in a short time without any pain on the part of the child. Also, fluoride therapy can be done in private offices and و and by doing the above and also emphasizing the observance of oral hygiene, to prevent decay and cavities, especially in the front teeth and maintain dental health and also from Avoid spending a lot of money to treat front tooth decay