Trauma is one of the most important causes of front tooth loss. Trauma usually occurs after , accidents, or falls. When the front tooth falls out, bone loss will be 25-40% in the first year. Usually, in such a situation, there will be a need for a bone graft. Because bone grafting increases the desired results.

There are different options for reconstructing and implanting the anterior region of the upper jaw to reduce the time of toothlessness:

Different options:

Immediate implant

Implant placement immediately after tooth extraction

Or considering that the front teeth have a great effect on beauty, tooth replacement becomes important. Front tooth implant is one of the best and most desirable methods for beauty. Immediate implant method is a better option in such cases. But this method is not always possible and different conditions are necessary to do it. The presence of healthy bone around the tooth, the absence of infection, the geometric shape of the tooth root and healthy gums are the necessary conditions for immediate implant placement.

The cost of the immediate implant is more than the long implant. This cost includes bone powder and membranes, which are likely to be needed in this treatment process. Even if the above conditions are met, the patient should know that it may not be possible to have an implant after tooth extraction, and only bone grafting can be done on the spot.

Temporary prosthesis

What should be done in the time interval between implant implantation and prosthetics on the implant? As you know, this time interval is for Osseo integration or fusion of the jaw bone to the implant. This period of time can last from three months to six months according to different conditions. There is a special type of implant that takes about twenty days. Of course, to do it, you need a bone with suitable diameter and length conditions.

There are also different solutions for temporary replacement of the empty space of the implant site. The simplest of them is the use of movable prostheses or flippers. A person can take them out of the mouth at any time. Because removable prostheses cause pressure on the underlying gum and bone, and as a result, bone and gum loss and, of course, damage to beauty. Also, due to the impact and pressure on the bone of that area, they delay the Osseo integration process.


In this method, a composite tooth is temporarily attached to the adjacent teeth; The advantage of this method is that this tooth is fixed, and the drawback of this method is that the tooth is fragile and may be damaged several times during these few months. A lot of care is needed in this method as well.

Immediate implant method

In this method, a temporary prosthesis is fixed on the implant base.