Many dentists believe that Invisilign is the best alternative for dental braces. Invisilign is popular amongst teens and adults because it is transparent and not noticeable to their peers when they are wearing them, nor does it have the potential to snag on their gums and make them bleed like the tradtional metal braces do. In fact, Invisilign has been known to progress the movement of teeth faster than the metal braces at about the same cost.

However, Invisilign is not recommended for children who still have their baby teeth, and therefore is only used on older children, teens, and most adults. Parents are advised to monitor their child’s usage of Invisalign as there is a 22 hour wear committment, and children are prone to forgetting to put the device back in once they’ve finished eating.

Your dentist will be able to determine if Invisalign is the correct method to use when it comes to straightening you or your family’s teeth. Contact your dentist today for a consultation to discuss all the options and to learn more about Invisalign.