To have a beautiful smile, it is necessary to have smooth and uniform teeth. Therefore, having large teeth, especially in the front, will affect your beauty, and if you have large teeth, you may be dissatisfied with their appearance. This problem sometimes causes so much discomfort that we feel dissatisfied even seeing our photos, and this becomes a reason to think about treating these big teeth, and in this way, we will go to dental offices.

Is it necessary to remove big teeth and replace them with other teeth?

The best way to treat big teeth is to consult a cosmetic dentist, so never ask your dentist to replace these teeth with dental implants. So don’t make any decisions about your teeth before consulting a cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic dentist can provide solutions that improve your smile and preserve your natural teeth.

How to change the shape of big teeth?

One of the methods is to reduce the front teeth. But there are considerations that this method may not be the best choice. Distortion of the large front teeth can affect the appearance of the canines and, in fact, make them look worse, as it can cause misalignment in the teeth. Shaving the teeth alone is usually not effective, because the inner layers of the teeth will be exposed to air, and this leads to sensitivity and increased risk of tooth decay or cracking. Another method is to use dental veneers to change the shape of the teeth. In this method, a strong, attractive and protective coating is used on the teeth to reduce sensitivity and increase durability.

Ways to reduce big teeth

After examining the teeth, the cosmetic dentist may recommend one of the following solutions:


A cosmetic dentist can use diamond files and diamond bands to precisely align your teeth, and your teeth may need to be trimmed or corrected.


 Your dentist may use a retainer spring (a flexible piece of metal) to align your teeth or recommend invisible clear orthodontic brackets to realign your teeth.

Dental laminate:

If your front teeth are so large that the dentist needs to trim them a lot, he may use a dental laminate to cover the exposed dentin (the bottom layer of tooth enamel) after the teeth have been trimmed.

 No matter what treatment you receive, only a cosmetic dentist can reduce your teeth to achieve very natural results. Otherwise, we may have opposite results and even the beauty of your smile will be greatly reduced, which will be very expensive to correct.

When you consult a cosmetic dentist to have a beautiful smile, he will listen to you carefully to understand your goals for visiting the dentist and to have the best result. In this regard, if you are also dissatisfied with the size or shape of your teeth, it may be recommended to trim and correct teeth, cover or laminate teeth, to change their shape.