It’s safe to say that waking up with a headache, tooth pain, and a sore jaw isn’t normal and a situation that needs to be addressed right away. Symptoms such as these appearing after what should have been a restful night’s sleep may be recognized as a condition that we covered in a previous blog called bruxism, or teeth grinding in layman’s terms.

One of the most common treatments for fixing this condition is a night guard. A night guard is a removable appliance that the affected person wears at night that prevents them from grinding their teeth. The best part is is that a night guard is easily attainable without a prescription at most local pharmacies, but you can also get one through your dentist. It is recommended to get one through your dentist as these ones tend to be of higher quality and provide a more comfortable fit. However, they are more expensive so keep this in mind if cost is an issue for you.

Both serve the same purpose in the end however, so whichever one you choose, both will prevent your teeth from grinding against one another.

Other Treatments for Teeth Grinding

As a refresher, if a night guard is not a good match for you, there are alternate options.

  • Teeth straightening: Teeth that are misaligned can cause the affected person to grind their teeth. Braces or Invisalign can rectify the problem.
  • Stress prevention: People deal with stress in multiple ways, most commonly by clenching their jaw. Your dentist may recommend you to find some stress prevention techniques to help with the stress or use healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Change of diet or medication: Caffeine and other stimulants are notorious for making people grind their teeth so limiting your intake or cutting it out completely may make a huge difference. Anti-depressants are also known to cause this.

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