Another name is removable prosthesis based on overdenture implant. A removable prosthesis relies on a prosthetic implant that is fully or partially supported by the implant and soft tissue. The amount of support depends on the number of implants placed. The amount and quality of residual bone, maxillary arch, front teeth, bruxism and patient habits, diameter, length and width of implants used, patient medical history and treatment costs are among the factors that affect the treatment plan and the number of implants used. Lays. The benefits of implant-based removable prosthesis treatment are well established. Implants maintain the height of the jawbone, improve chewing efficiency, increase the patient’s self-confidence, and support the patient psychologically. Implants can also be placed in very symmetrical positions so that in the long run, other implants can be placed, which allows the creation of a prosthesis based on a fixed implant.

The important point in this treatment plan is that the implant-based removable prosthesis is always considered as a temporary treatment and the final treatment includes a fixed implant-based prosthesis that is done by placing an implant in each jaw. The number of implants depends on the patient’s factors and the advice of a prosthetist and surgeon.

Differences between artificial teeth and removable implants based on implants

Although removable dentures are one of the oldest ways to replace missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw and are relatively simple to make, the limitations of using removable dentures have led patients to continue to use their teeth. Moving artificially get tired.

One of the main problems for people who use removable dentures is the inability to bite or chew some hard food. Dentures usually break with the slightest pressure or impact or fall and are no longer in place.

For most people, it is inconvenient to care for and clean removable dentures and put them back in the mouth. And they are unhappy with doing this every day. For these people, dental implants are a very good solution. Most are satisfied with the very long life of dental implants and beautiful appearance.


 To place a denture on an implant base, the patient’s jawbone must be examined by a prosthetist to determine how many jaws can be implanted into the implant base. The minimum number of implants required to place a complete denture is 2 implant bases, and if the dentist determines that the jaw is capable of implanting more implant bases, he will use the standard number of 4 implant bases and the overdenture method.

After the implant bases are implanted, a fixed prosthesis is placed on them so that the fixed artificial teeth are placed on the implanted bases in the jaw. Usually, patients are completely satisfied with the overdenture implant. Using overdenture is no longer difficult for the patient to eat solid foods. In addition, there is no need to remove and place it during the day, and like natural teeth, caring for dental implants requires oral hygiene by brushing, flossing to keep teeth healthy.

Cost of removable implant based prosthesis

 If the patient uses only a removable prosthesis, it will cost less. But if the removable prosthesis is implant-based, because the implant is expensive to treat, it has to pay more. Today, implants are a more expensive treatment because they have more expensive raw materials and tools.