One of the problems that patients with dental wire have is changing the lips in orthodontics. Especially women and models are very worried about the effects of brackets on the lips and the final shape of their lips. Here, we are trying to talk about the effect of braces on the lips to solve your concerns in this regard.

Your teeth and lips are connected by a small groove called maxillary labial groove. This groove, actually connects the inner part of your lip to the gums of the teeth. As we know, braces make the rest of the teeth regular by applying force on the front teeth. In some cases, the front teeth are not in the right position and it is necessary to arrange the front teeth well first.

When the front teeth move back, due to this groove between the teeth and the gums, the lips also move back and cover the teeth. Based on the final position of your teeth and based on how long your treatment has been, the lips will show your teeth more prominently by pulling back. In some cases, the lips may appear wider than the original state, which is actually the only change in the position of the lips, and there has been no change in their size.

Facial changes after orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment can have a big impact on your facial shape. When your teeth and jaw change, other features of your face will also change.

When your teeth and jaw are properly aligned, you will not only enjoy a perfect smile, but your face shape will become more attractive and beautiful. So this is a double profit deal!

The effect of orthodontics on the cheeks

In order to understand the effects of orthodontics on your face, you should mention different dental problems and how each of them affects your face shape and appearance.


This condition occurs when the lower teeth are placed before the upper teeth. An underbite can affect the proportions of your face and make your jaw appear much larger. Orthodontic treatment can improve your facial features by moving your jaw into the correct position.


An overbite is a common dental problem caused by the protrusion of the upper teeth compared to the lower teeth. This condition may cause the upper lip to appear more prominent and the lower jaw to appear weak and sunken. Orthodontic correction improves this appearance and makes the appearance of the jaw and face more uniform and balanced.


Openbite is a defect in the pairing and closing of the teeth, and the teeth always remain slightly open in this state. This position makes the mouth appear elongated and the upper or lower lip slightly protruding, which disturbs the balance of the face.

Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can cause a dull face, especially if one side of the mouth has more crooked teeth than the other. A dental brace can cure this problem and straighten the jaw and smile and align the teeth.

Preventing lip shape change after dental orthodontics

Although many people get used to the changes in their lips after installing dental braces, there are also some people who are very sensitive to their face and lips and after finishing the treatment, the changes in their lips their lips are unhappy and cannot bear this situation. Should you worry about facial changes after orthodontics?

In fact, you have the right to be sensitive about your appearance and ask your orthodontist about this, but you should know that there are different ways to fix this problem and there is no need to worry.

Orthodontics with tape

In most cases, dentists try to inform patients about the changes that may occur in the lips before performing mobile or fixed orthodontics and placing dental braces, and if necessary, they can be treated with some special methods.

Followed up that the main changes in the lips do not affect the overall shape of the patient’s face too much.

Your orthodontist can use some elastic bands on your braces, which will slow down the process of changing the position of your teeth and prevent the shape of your lips from changing. You can also use invisible braces to reduce the cosmetic problems of your teeth. However, it may still have little effects on your lips.