Today, having beautiful teeth models is a concern of many people because everyone wants to have a beautiful smile and face. The most beautiful teeth model is measured based on the harmony between the parts of the face and teeth. Sometimes to have a beautiful smile due to the lack of harmony It is necessary to make changes in the shape of the gums, the length of the teeth and the distance between the teeth in order to achieve the necessary harmony. Having a beautiful tooth model is not a random thing and requires coordination between the facial components, gums and teeth.

Effective criteria in the most beautiful tooth model

The general shape of the arch of the upper and lower teeth

Location and form of teeth

The size and ratio of the jaw to the face

The amount of visible gums and teeth while smiling

The shape of the lips

Analysis of tooth form

The shape of the teeth has a significant effect on inducing one’s personality to others in photos and face-to-face social relationships.

To analyze the tooth form, the following must be analyzed:

Gum analysis

When correcting the smile design, the visibility and thickness of the gums should be evaluated. The thickness of the gums is a decisive factor in choosing the type of treatment and the dentist must pay attention to it. The visibility of the gums when smiling is an important indicator that is related to the following factors.

The amount of movement and movement of the lips while talking, smiling and laughing

The shape, size and position of the teeth

Lip shape analysis

Evaluating the shape of each person’s lips is very important in the smile design process.

When analyzing the shape of the lips, the following are checked:

Similarity or non-similarity of lips

Proportion of the size of the lips

The extent of its protrusion in the harmony of the smile with the face

When analyzing the shape of the lips, photos and images taken from the front view or profile of the person are checked. Whether the lips are sunken or protruding depends on the shape of the arch and prominent or receding teeth, as well as the shape of the upper and lower jaw, which it is examined in the smile design.

Recessed or protruding lips depends on the offending factors, such as the shape of the arch, protruding or receding teeth, as well as the shape of the upper and lower jaw, which is checked in the smile design.

Analyzing the shape of a person’s face

One of the influential indicators in designing an ideal smile is evaluating the shape of a person’s face. Each person’s face has its own shape. Some faces are round, some are square, and others are triangular. Your smile design should be made according to your face and personality. If the shape of your face has changed due to aging, you can restore youth to your face by having a beautiful smile.

The most beautiful tooth model

A dentist who has enough experience and skill can help to increase your self-confidence and make you more attractive. Among the factors that are important in implementing a suitable smile plan for a person, the following can be mentioned:

The shape of the teeth

Jaw shape and face shape

The personality and behavior of each person

Rabbit teeth

One of the tooth models is rabbit teeth. Rabbit teeth give your face a kind of youth along with rawness and genuine charm. In the field of beauty dentistry, rabbit teeth have found an applicant for some time. In the natural state of central teeth, lateral teeth or The front is longer. In order to have rabbit teeth, the dentist must make the central teeth more prominent and longer than usual. This tooth model inspires people to be young, bold and active.