Modifying the smile design or smile design allows you to have a beautiful and symmetrical smile. It is one of the beautiful manifestations of human creation and in human beings, a beautiful smile is the most pleasant manifestation of creation. Harmony and harmony of the components of the face and the shape of the teeth, which produces a beautiful smile. Achieving this harmony sometimes requires changing the shape of the teeth, the shape of the gums, the length of the teeth and closing the gaps between the teeth to create a beautiful smile. In fact, observing the proportion between the relations between the components of the face, their color and shape creates a suitable and beautiful face.

An experienced cosmetic dentist is someone who is proficient in identifying these relationships and creating the right smile design for each person’s face.

Smile design correction or smile design includes a set of beauty treatments that ultimately lead to a beautiful smile.

These treatments include bleaching, ceramic laminating, composite veneers as well as ceramic veneers, etc. Using these methods, the color, shape, form, position and other items of the teeth are corrected and finally a beautiful and pleasant smile is given to the patient. It becomes.

These treatments can sometimes be done even in people with good dental conditions. Because even small changes in the color and shape of the teeth can make a significant difference in a person’s appearance and smile.

In a beautiful and standard smile, the amount of triangular space between the teeth at the edges of the teeth must follow certain proportions. The upper lip line should pass through the junction of the gingival edge to the teeth while smiling. Also, when smiling, the lower lip line should be parallel to the upper tooth edge.

Normally, the gums of the maxillary anterior teeth are 1 to 1.5 mm in front and below the edge of the mandibular teeth.

Types of smiles:

Mature: In this type of smile, the edges of the anterior teeth are in a straight line. This type of smile indicates intelligence and maturity because at a young age the teeth are not the same size, but when you get older and the edges are not worn, their size becomes the same and therefore usually show teeth that are in a straight line. Gives maturity of intellect and expertise.

Oval: In this type of smile, the two front teeth are taller than the two teeth next to each other. This type of smile design is a sign of youth and courage and can also show warmth and intimacy. For those who have prominent lips, this type of smile design is more beautiful.

Enhanced: This type of smile is between the two types of previous smile designs. The two front teeth are longer than the side teeth. This smile indicates being unserious and informal.