Have you ever noticed that you’re seeing more of your teeth than usual, or that your gums appear higher than they normally are? If you said yes to either of those two questions, you may have gum disease and what you’re experiencing is gum recession as a result.

Before gum disease happens, there needs to be bacteria present. This bacteria forms plaque on the teeth which inflames the gums and begins to erode the tissue away, exposing more of the tooth and giving the gums a recessed look. All of this happens quite slowly and overtime, but if it is not addressed in the early stages, it can have serious consequences in the long run. The best thing that you can do to prevent gum recession is to stick to a daily oral hygiene routine to remove bacteria and food particles so that the formation of plaque is stopped before it even begins.

If you already have a receding gum line, there are treatment options available to you. Most of the treatments will focus on treating the gum diseases as that will fix the gumline as well. For more advanced cases, cosmetic options such as a tissue graft may be necessary in order to get the gums back to their original appearance.

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