Dental nausea

Dental nausea (gag reflux), intolerance of objects in the mouth and a feeling of restlessness are observed among some dental clients during dental work.

These patients are often anxious, go to the dentist with a lot of fear . They have a bad feeling during the visit and treatment.

Strategies to prevent nausea in dentistry

The most important element of treatment for these clients

These clients are calm when they are confident in us and the work.

We assure these patients that we understand their condition .

Something inside their mouth that makes them feel bad will not fit as far as possible.

Rubber damm

It is useful for the root channel treatment of most of these patients who have nausea in dentistry from the beginning

One of the side benefits of rubber-Dam is that it minimizes contact of the device with the patient’s mouth .

If necessary, various types of anesthesia are useful to prevent nausea in dentistry .

Topical gels or sprays or even local anesthetics will help.

psychological consideration

There is almost no patient who cannot stay in dentistry due to nausea.

Using the effect of indoctrination and hypnosis with different methods can be very helpful.

Preoperative medication such as antiemetic and sedatives can help control the gag reflex.

If using benzodiazepine family drugs, it is better for the patient to go with a companion.

Fear and intensification of the nausea reflex are interrelated.

If you are afraid, you will feel bad, and if you feel bad, you will be scared next time.

So psychological considerations, can be helpful in some cases.

The skill of the dentist is of particular importance for the management of these patients.

Your breathing rhythm may need to change.

We will teach you to breathe through your nose.

Dive into your mouth and even allow your saliva to flow naturally without swallowing or rinsing your mouth frequently.

You are normally on the dental unit.

You can resist this reflex at home by brushing your tongue, back of your mouth and teeth.

Exercises like this will help you to sit on the dental unit more easily and confidently.