Studies and research published by doctors have shown that a number of people infected with the corona virus had “enanthem” or mouth ulcers and oral lesions. People with coronary heart disease also had external skin rashes. Ulcers inside the mouth may be a sign of coronavirus, but research is ongoing to confirm this symptom. Patients with a history of coronary heart disease have symptoms such as oral lesions that they notice after the test. Oral ulcers in the corona have a pest-like or inflammatory appearance in the oral mucosa that can be controlled with medication or combination mouthwashes. In general, new symptoms of coronavirus may include mouth ulcers or corneal ulcers.

Oral and coronary ulcers

According to research conducted in Spain, patients with Quid 19 in addition to skin changes and skin ulcers, also have symptoms such as ulcers on the roof of the mouth in the corona. However, in one group, the observation of oral ulcers in the corona was observed a few days earlier than other symptoms, and in another group, the observation of oral ulcers in the corona was more than three weeks later. It may seem strange to see oral ulcers in patients with the coronavirus, but it is common to see the same ulcers in other viruses. The oral mucosa is a sensitive tissue where viral attack is a common occurrence.

Ulcers in the mouth or sudden infections in the mouth may be a sign of coronary heart disease and should be noted during coronary heart disease. Oral ulcers during coronary or roof ulcers during coronary artery pain may not be painful but should be examined by an oral ulcer specialist. If mouth ulcers bother you while eating, mouth ulcers should be examined by an oral health specialist and doctor as soon as possible. The Oral Lesion Specialist examines all parts of the membrane and inflamed areas by examining the color of the oral tissue and changes in the pigments present in the oral tissue. Due to the effects that the corona virus has on the lungs, the appearance of sores in the mouth during coronation is not unexpected…

The appearance of mouth ulcers in the corona may vary in size and shape. Geographical tongue, white spots inside the mouth, white spots on the tongue, candidiasis, red spots in the mouth, and inflammation of the tongue or mouth may be symptoms of mouth ulcers in the corona. According to the observations and researches of medical specialists and oral ulcers specialists and according to the connection between oral ulcers and coronary ulcers, it is recommended that if other symptoms of diseases are not evident, the possibility of connection between oral ulcers and other coronary symptoms can be compared. After announcing the results of the official tests, the person tested positive for coronavirus.

As there is no definitive cure for coronavirus yet, but by referring to an oral pathologist and an oral ulcer specialist, you can remove all stages of oral ulcers from the stage of emergence under the supervision of an oral pathologist with antifungal drugs and oral antiviral drugs. Check. According to Spanish doctors, symptoms such as mouth ulcers during coronary artery disease may not appear for another 19 to 24 hours, and these symptoms vary from person to person. If you do not have coronary symptoms such as fever and other symptoms of Covid 19 but you notice an ulcer in the mouth, it is better to take the necessary measures and be examined by an oral pathologist.

In the meantime, consider the following tips for home control and treatment of oral ulcers in the corona:

Do not eat acidic foods.

Do not eat very hot foods.

Rinse the wound with salt water.

Do not use mouthwashes with alcohol.