Dental scaling is a procedure used to remove plaque, often to prevent periodontal disease, known as plaque or calculus. There are many reasons for the formation of plaque, such as sugary foods, improper brushing methods, poor oral care, etc. Scaling removes brown stains or yellow tissue that has built up on your teeth, or even some sticky white material.

Dental scaling helps you get rid of tartar and maintain good oral health. This in turn will give your teeth a longer life and you will not be exposed to major dental problems. There is a doubt that scaling teeth is safe and the answer here is yes. Dental scaling is completely safe, although you may experience some discomfort after the treatment depending on the case, but it is very minor and can be easily resolved.

In general, it should be said that its benefits are the following :

Prevent tooth decay

Prevention of periodontal diseases (diseases that lead to inflammation of the gums and may cause tooth loss if progressed)

Removing stains

Prevent bad breath

Saving the cost of restorative dentistry

How can tooth scaling be done with less pain?

In general, scaling is part of painless treatments, and for this reason, anesthesia is not used in it, although the patient may suffer pain during scaling, if this procedure is done with the patience and correct technique of the dentist, the patient will not be uncomfortable during scaling. It will not have. In fact, it should be said that reducing the pain of scaling depends only on the ability of the dentist. Of course, the use of more modern and up-to-date devices such as Airflow is very effective in reducing or not feeling together.

What is airflow?

Airflow is a device that is used for scaling in a new way and with a different structure, unlike traditional and common devices without ultrasonic waves and with the help of compressed air, sodium bicarbonate crystals, and jet flow with gentle water pressure and crystal spraying. Salts do stain removal and remove plaques.

Advantages of using Airflow:

more speed

On average, the duration of scaling with Airflow is much less.

Effective cleaning and scaling

In scaling with Airflow dental collar, the distance between the teeth, the back of the teeth and the points that are more difficult to access are cleaned and at the same time the teeth are polished and whitened to a suitable extent.

Since scaling is done with air pressure, the air flow penetrates up to five millimeters into the gum cavity. In this way, it has a deeper and more effective cleansing effect

Reduce pain and sensitivity

Since scaling is done without damaging the teeth, and unlike common methods, scaling is done without contact with teeth and chemical substances. It not only reduces the sensitivity of the teeth, but also increases the absorption of minerals by the damaged teeth. And it has antibacterial properties. In addition, scaling is done without damaging prostheses, implants, veneers and bridges.

Suitable for people with certain diseases

For people whose teeth have changed color in some places due to certain diseases or certain drugs.

People who suffer from MS and people who take some special drugs, such as blood pressure or heart drugs, under the influence of the disease or the side effects of these drugs, their saliva flow has undergone chemical changes, and the saliva in the areas A certain part of the teeth is formed and leads to a change in the color of that area, and contrary to the normal situation, dental plaques and mass are formed more in the tooth collar and gums.

And since the crime caused is not prominent and is only caused by the side effects of the drug. It is better to use non-invasive methods to remove these stains.

Effective in orthodontic treatment

Before orthodontic treatment, the tooth surface must be free of bacteria and plaque. Therefore, scaling with Airflow is an effective prerequisite for orthodontic treatment and an efficient and harmless method for scaling during orthodontics.